Basic Vibration Analysis Training Courses

The one or two day Basic Vibration Analysis course is designed to train students in the basic principles of vibration technology. These are excellent courss for managers, engineers, technicians, and trades people to give them the minimum working knowledge to begin detecting and correcting vibration related problems in their machinery to increase the operating life span of their equipment.
Students will receive a copy of the course notes. The premise of these courses are to provide the students with the knowledge to understand vibration of rotating machinery and how to correct many of the problems they will find. No preference will be given to any specific type of vibration analysis hardware. We want to insure that the students are aware of what equipment is available to measure and correct vibration and to help them pick the best system to suit their individual needs and the needs of their company.

One Day Course Objectives

- major contributing factors of vibration
- how vibration data is presented
- time, frequency, and modal domain data
- relating vibration data to the type of machinery in your plant
- vibration transducers ... what are they and how do they work?
- a review of the different types of vibration analysis hardware
- how to take vibration measurements
- how to categorize the level of vibration (How bad is it?)
- vibration severity guidelines

Two Day Course Objectives

- cover all the above material in the one day course

- machine sweep tests, operating deflection shapes, modal analysis basics
- how to fix problems once you've found them
- keeping vibration and maintenance records
- financially justifying your vibration program
- review dozens of case histories

Course Pricing

North America (United States, Mexico, Canada)

1 day Basic Vibration Analysis Training Course - $3995.00 USD
2 day Basic Vibration Analysis Training Course - $7995.00 USD

International Pricing
(outside of North America)

1 day Basic Vibration Analysis Training Course - $5295.00 USD
2 day Basic Vibration Analysis Training Course - $10995.00 USD

We will train up to 20 people in the course. None of the above prices include travel and living expenses.