Standard Shaft Alignment System

The most versatile, rugged, and affordable system available.

Standard Bracket

Capable of clamping onto shafts from 1/2" to 200" and shaft to shaft spans up to 34".

Variable geometry allows for an infinite number of attachment variations.

Brackets can be configured for all five different shaft alignment measurement methods.

System is comprised of:
- a shaft clamp bracket
- span bar base and support brace
- 7/8"-5/16" adapter clamp
- 5/16" x 5.5" rod
- AGD Group 1 dial indicator and holding sleeve
- two interchangeable tube sets that enable spans from 1/2" to 9"
- V - block extension
- 4 Point alignment level
- set up instructions
- Basic Shaft Alignment Workbook (English)
- convenient carrying case.

$2495.00 (USD)