Ball-Rod-Tubing Connector System

Continuously measure how rotating machinery moves from off-line to running conditions

The Ball Rod Tubing Connector system (abbreviated as the BRTC system) measures how rotating machinery moves from off-line to running conditions (or running to off-line conditions) to insure that the machinery is placed in the proper position when aligning the equipment off-line so that the shafts run in a collinear axis of rotation when operating. The system uses the measurement principles of the shaft to coupling spool technique to capture the measurements.

BRTC on machinery


Two base blocks are attached to each machine case near their respective inboard bearings. Two short rods with a round ball attached to the end of each rod are indexed through a hole in each base block and clamped in place. Telescoping tubing is affixed to each ball end. A brace is attached to each rod that spans out to the tubing connector that holds two proximity probes (a vertical and a horizontal probe). Proximity probe target surfaces are attached to the tubing connector at both ends. Proximity probe gap readings are taken at all four proximity probes with the machinery off-line. The BRTC system remains attached to each machine case and the equipment is started up and allowed to stabilize in its final operating position. Proximity probe gap readings are taken again during operation. If the machinery has moved, the change in the proximity probe gap readings will indicate the amount and direction of relative machine case movement. The system is lightweight, compact, easy to install, and can be kept in place during operation or removed and reinstalled without disturbing the position of the base blocks.

System is comprised of:
- two ball rod end assemblies
- two base blocks
- four sets of 1” and 7/8" telescoping tubing
- two probe targets
- two rod extensions braces
- two sets of proximity probe bracket extensions
- two proximity probe holders
- Instruction manual
- Shaft Alignment Handbook 3rd edition
- convenient carrying case
- four proximity probes, proximitors, cables, and power supply (optional)

BRTC system

BRTC system
$7995.00 (USD)

BRCT system with probes

BRTC system with proximity probes
$13995.00 (USD)