Field Service Files


Over the past two and a half decades, many people have asked how to apply the techniques and principles shown in all three editions of the Shaft Alignment Handbook to real-life rotating machinery they have in industry. Although there are a few examples of how the concepts are applied in all three editions, most are very generic and don’t show specific types of machinery that are prevalent in industry throughout the world.
We have had the opportunity and pleasure to work in a wide variety of industries over the past 36 years and have been involved with solving some very complicated problems on a large number of different types of rotating machinery some of which are in your facilities. For the vast majority of engineering service work we do, a report is generated showing what work was performed, any observations and data that was collected concerning the problem identification and eventual problem resolution, and then conclusions and recommendations are made. We have generated hundreds of service reports and we are going to publish some of the really great ones in a series of Pay Per View video tutorials entitled the Turvac Field Service Files. Right now there are seven categories covering the following machinery types: Pumps, Fans, Compressors, Generators, Dredges, Extruders, and Specialty Machinery. We look forward to your participation and hope we receive feedback on this content and any suggestions you have.